Ferryfield Nursery & Playgroup has been established in Cupar since 1967. It began life with an idea from Isobel Blair who ran the first Playgroup from her home at Ferryfield.

The Playgroup evolved over the years and is now known as Ferryfield Nursery & Playgroup which moved with its name to the present building at Castlehill in 1976.  We have seen many of those first children bringing their own children and grandchildren to Ferryfield, quite an achievement!

We are very proud of what we have to offer and we hope you and your children will be very happy at Ferryfield during the time you spend here.

We are a progressive Nursery & Playgroup, always looking for new ways to engage the interests of your child and constantly accessing training to keep abreast of current best practice and understanding.

Our staff are friendly, fun and gentle, helping your child to settle quickly when they first come to us.  They are also focused on helping each child to develop, both educationally and independently, in their own individual way.

We encourage children to explore their world through play, and through regular trips outside of the setting to widen their experiences and understanding of their local community.

In partnership with Fife Council we are able to offer children the opportunity to remain with Ferryfield Nursery & Playgroup until they reach school age.  This enables us to offer a seamless educational program to support your child onto and into their next educational journey.

Children can join Ferryfield Nursery & Playgroup from the age of 2 years to 5 years of age.