Lunch Club/Afternoon Sessions

The Lunch Club can either be a continuation of care from the morning, used as a stand alone session or children can be collected from Westfield Nursery.

Places are usually allocated on a permanent basis, however if you would like your child to attend Lunch Club to allow time for an appointment or other one-off basis, please speak to a member of staff to see if a place is available on the day you require.

Lunch boxes should be handed to your child who will take them through to a Playleader in the small playroom.

All necessary food will be refrigerated appropriately. If you want your child to have hot food can we suggest you use a flask, as we prefer not to reheat food.

Because of food allergies we must insist that you DO NOT provide your child with food items containing nuts (eg. peanut butter, snickers, etc.). Please advise a member of staff of any dietary requirements or food allergies.

Please do not send fizzy drinks or sweets with your child. Staff will encourage your child to first eat their savoury food and fruit before sweet food.

Also for safety reasons, please do not include glass bottles in the lunch box.

All uneaten food will be returned to you when appropriate, (you will not get open yoghurts etc) in your child’s lunch box so that you can see exactly what your child has eaten during the session, if in doubt speak to a Playleader.